The mg娱乐网十大网址基金会 was established in 1989 to provide, 与mg4377娱乐电子游戏网站合作, national and international leadership and funding for the University’s advancement. 在它的早期, the Foundation set the standard for Irish fundraising and that tradition continues today. With close to $200 million raised to date through its international network, the Foundation is a leading recipient of international philanthropic funding in 爱尔兰.

The Foundation constantly strives to strengthen the links that the University has built with its graduate community and the business community on the island of 爱尔兰 and beyond. Guided and supported by a board of national and international leaders from business, 工业与艺术, the Foundation is proud of the role that it plays in assisting the physical and academic development of the University and in ensuring that the mg娱乐网十大网址 continues to be at the heart of many national initiatives.

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成立于1987年, the mg娱乐网十大网址 校友会 (mg4377娱乐电子游戏网站AA) is a membership organisation which provides an active link between graduates of mg4377娱乐电子游戏网站 and their alma mater in support of both the University and the growing alumni community (now numbering close to 55,000). Direction for mg4377娱乐电子游戏网站AA is provided through a voluntary Board of Directors while operations are run by an Executive Director and staff.

Membership of mg4377娱乐电子游戏网站AA is automatic for all mg4377娱乐电子游戏网站 graduates and provides the opportunity for members to maintain a life-long relationship with the University and fellow graduates. Alumni benefit from a wide range of services including access to ‘UniversaL’, an online community exclusive to mg4377娱乐电子游戏网站 graduates, quarterly web newsletter ‘alumni@mg4377娱乐电子游戏网站’ and invitations to the annual Alumni Reunion Day, the Alumni-学生 Debate and the Alumni lecture Series. mg4377娱乐电子游戏网站AA is also a voice representing the views of alumni on campus and through which graduates can communicate with their alma mater. 


The President's Volunteer Award is designed to support students  take up volunteering opportunities and the President of the University will formally recognise students for their volunteering work.  Our vision for the mg娱乐网十大网址 is to provide an outstanding student experience,  to actively serve our communities and to contribute to the civil, social and cultural life of the Shannon Region and beyond.  Discover how volunteering can help to make a difference in your own life and in your community. 了解更多关于 总统志愿者奖


mg娱乐网十大网址 环境委员会 - Promoting environmental awareness among the Campus Community

mg4377娱乐电子游戏网站EnviroCom是一个由教师组成的团队, staff and students that advises the president on environmental issues and promotes environmental awareness in the mg娱乐网十大网址 campus community. The committee is responsible for proposing the adoption and implementation of environmental policies and also for evaluating this implementation. This is with a view to encouraging conscientious environmental management and facilitating mitigation of the university’s environmental impact.


We in the mg娱乐网十大网址 are very pleased to continue our involvement in the wider community of 利默里克 and its environs through our AccessCampus and its homework club. Originally conceived and implemented by previous Presidents of the mg娱乐网十大网址 it continues in its quest to make the University accessible to all parts of society through supporting "fun to learn" initiatives.

The 首页work Club provides a basis for the reinforcement of learning at school with the added bonus of seeing the practical applications of the knowledge gained through interaction with professionals. Our Access programme at the mg娱乐网十大网址 has grown steadily from an intake of 52 students in 2002/03 to 98 students in 2005/06 availing of the access route to undergraduate programmes, while in the current year we now have Access graduates availing of post-graduate studies.

It is initiatives such as the homework club that allow students the confidence, knowledge and opportunity to grasp the Access opportunities that exist. We, 通过mg娱乐网十大网址的项目, demonstrate our ongoing commitment to Access initiatives such as the 首页work Club and we look forward to welcoming many more students to the programme at the mg娱乐网十大网址.  更多的信息在 或访问 mg4377娱乐电子游戏网站内访问单元